Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Black Hills, Yesterday and Today - Paul Horstead

Paul Horsted describing his photography for Spearfish Area Historical Society on Dec 6, 2016
Paul Horstead, photographer, presented the Spearfish Area Historical Society program "Black Hills, Yesterday and Today" to over 70 people on a cold Dec 6 evening.

Paul described how he obtains old photos from many sources including museums, online, or individual contacts.  Then he searches the landscape to find the exact location that the old photo was taken and takes a new photo from the same spot.  He first finds the backdrop scenery and then searchs for the exact foreground.  For the Black Hills, his source of origin is mostly the 1874 Custer Expedition.  Paul described the expedition and its variety of people in the party including 995 enlisted men, 70 scouts, 5 press, 2 miners, 2 scientists, a female cook, a mapmaker and a photographer.  Lucky for us that the photographer, William Illingworth, a British photograper, had excellent camera equipment for the time and was skilled both in artistic photography and in use of the equipment and developing process (accomplished in a dark tent set up on site).

Paul's five books include four on the Black Hills and a new one titled "Yellowstone, Yesterday and Today".

Check out his website for more information